Chandelier Bohemian Crystal Pampille

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22 22 Edition Design at Maison et Objet in January 2014. 22 22 Edition Design at Maison et Objet in January 2014.
Discover the latest creations:
- Furniture line "22 22 PALAIS" Outdoor - Indoor, metal ribbons draw this furniture with elegant graphic scrolls.
- The Illusion lamp complete the Illusion furniture Line. Lamp with shade, playing with optical illusion.
- The mirror of the soul is a fantasy, unfathomable and mysterious ... this mirror provoking, attracts attention. Such as the iris of the eye, he invited to observe or be observed. Extra white glass and mirror.

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22 22 Edition Design. Discover our collection 22 22 Edition Design in Now at Maison&Objet show in September 2013.
Creator and Editor : Furniture / light / Decorative object. Their first collection is a blend of wonder, originality and poesy, fitting perfectly in homes, hotels or restaurants. Dream symbols, simplicity of forms, fantasy and beautiful materials for original decorative items. These objects tell a pleasurable story inspiring the desire to be used, watched, touched...
These first creations were made possible thanks to the designer's vision and the savoir-faire and expertise of French artisans.

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Trend indoor / outdoor Jean-Claude Cardiet, designer, talks on BFM Business Channel in the show "Taste of Luxury" March 31, 2013. 5 minutes with interesting exchanges …

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Lustre Pampille 22 22 Edition Design The tassel is a decorative element whose use is at the base of classic chandeliers. 22 22 DESIGN EDITION modernized and reinterprets this pendant using it alone but enlarged. The tassel is the central element of the chandelier. The excess is the chandelier! Disproportion in size, height, weight and also by design: made from a custom mold, a single sheet of Bohemian Crystal is cast. Cut and polished by hand, crystal is also working with laser to create fine bubbles lit by two spotlights and a row of LEDs placed at the top of the tassel. The chandelier is attached to the ceiling at the desired height by a system of discrete attachment. Majestically positioned over a table or in a lobby, chandelier Pampille was created innovative, remarkable and an exception object!

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